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Meet Our Trainers

John Stillman


John is a co-founder and clinical social worker at the Caspersen Therapy Center. He received his master’s of social work degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993 and had intensive family therapy training at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. John is married and has two young sons.


  • Co-founded the Kenwood Therapy Center in Minneapolis in 2000 where he worked both as a therapist and the training director until October 2011.


  • Member of the first diplomate program taught by Michael White and his colleagues at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia.


  • Member of training staff of the Dulwich Centre’s international training programs


  • Therapeutic consultant to the Catalyst Foundation, which works with a community of people living on a garbage dump in Kien Giang, Vietnam.


  • Author of Narrative Therapy Trauma Manual: A Principle-Based Approach (2010)


  • Leading study at  Minneapolis VA Medical Center of Minnesota and the U of MN measuring effectiveness of narrative therapy with military veterans


  • Clinical consultant to CornerHouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which conducts forensic screening for child sexual abuse. 

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“John Stillman really has something with the way he has mapped out the principles. Using narrative and connecting with my advanced practice group has been amazing for my growth.”

“John does a great job of making abstract ideas more concrete. It’s a huge strength of his, especially because narrative is confusing. His materials and explanations are excellent.” 

It’s to propose that we live by the stories that we have about our lives, that these stories actually shape our lives, constitute our lives, and that they 'embrace' our lives.”  


Michael White

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