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What Students Say

In students' words...  

“Caspersen offers great speakers on relevant topics. I am always thrilled by the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they share and practice sessions built into the course are a huge benefit and have immediately impacted my work.”


“Completing the certificate program at Caspersen has given me the privilege of truly working WITH people and hearing the stories of their life, who they are who they want to be, get the privilege of walking the path with them. It also takes a lot of pressure off me, because I get to learn as well as just teaching.”


“Caspersen narrative therapy training works. It’s a great way to translate lots of different approaches. My experience is that I couldn’t get up every day and tell people what to do with their lives. It wouldn’t work for me. I can’t imagine doing this work without narrative.”


“Caspersen gets to the heart of the matter and takes narrative therapy training to a deeper level. Everyone can stretch their limits and keep growing with Caspersen.”


“Narrative therapy and Caspersen have shown me the way to an approach that feels so natural to me. They have given me a different perspective. Coming from a lot of personal hardship, I’m now more comfortable in my own skin, and with the people around me and those I serve.”


“Narrative leaves a lot of space for clients to explore their life and their values on their own terms. I think it relieves, it’s like counterculture, against the status quo of the counselor being the expert. In relieving the expectation of being the expert, you get to be with people in a more genuine, real way.”


“Narrative is more than just having a training or a model. It’s introduced to me a whole new way of seeing the world. It extends to my private life the idea of seeing problems as outside of someone. Take the thing and look at it from other angles, it is very empowering.”


“Narrative is so much more respectful, it takes away the idea that I am the expert. It’s working together down a path. People appreciate that I’m not deciding things for them; I’m helping them build a preferred story about who they want to be and how they want the world to see them.”


“Narrative is so broad and foundational. It informs everything I do and how I position myself in relation to the client. How I ask questions. When I’m just meeting someone that’s what I’m using. It’s a conceptual understanding of how I think about people and their problems.”


“I use narrative every day, with every client. Not just in my work. It has changed by language and how I think about problems and people being in relationship with problems. It is a much more effective way of working. It helps people know there isn’t something wrong with them; it helps them get into a zone that is useful and not harmful.”


“Other therapies come at working with people with an idea of how things are supposed to be. Narrative comes at things with a position of not knowing or being the expert. It works.”

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