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Program Details

Productive Learning Formats Designed with Flexibility for Working Professionals

Online Learning Format Available

It is our mission to make global learning for narrative therapy reality. We do that by offering a dynamic online and onsite learning presentation in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Department of Family Social Science. Our online experience will allow you to:

  • Fully interact with a growing global community participating in training online and on-site.

  • Have a full interactive experience by seeing & speaking with presenters and participants from around the world.

  • Virtually raise your hand, send comments, and see presentations & handouts through enhanced online functions

  • Meet in virtual breakout rooms, allowing one-on-one practice experiences in both workshops and in small group practice sessions with participants who are on-site in Minnesota and participants around the globe.

  • Access recorded workshops and practice sessions for greater flexibility.                                                                                                         

Target Audience

This program provides the latest information on core topics in the field of narrative therapy. Caspersen Therapy and Training Center recommends that practitioners be mental health professionals who are currently seeing clients or providing services, but this is not required. The program is at both a beginning and an intermediate level; participants with little experience with narrative as well as very well-trained practitioners will benefit from the context, flow and experiential aspects of the training. Unlicensed and affiliated professionals with appropriate training and/or practical experience may also benefit.


Manageable Schedule With Built in Flexibility

Practice sessions are scheduled according to participant needs and there are options that fit into people’s lives and are accessible from different time zones around the world. If you are unable to make a session, you can access the recording of it. There are engaging assignments between practice sessions which will help participants connect the ideas they are learning to their lives and work.

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