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Your Magic Wand Is Ready for Pick-up: Incorporating Narrative Ideas into Your Practice 

Friday, October 2, 2020, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

Diane Jorgensen, LICSW (Live Online from Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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3.5 CEUs, See registration page for details

Workshop Description:

Narrative therapy is a post-modern approach to direct practice with individuals, couples, families and groups. The Narrative Worldview affirms that all of us have inherent strengths and abilities. Practitioners in Narrative Therapy assist in determining people's values, hopes, and dreams and enhancing aspects of their lives that support their personal agency and their preferred ways of being in the world. Narrative therapy sees problems as external to people, and works toward understanding how individuals and support systems can work together to fight the negative impact of problems. Narrative therapy is a good fit for those in the helping professions who want to learn compassionate, respectful, non-pathologizing ways to creatively work with people struggling against problems.


Narrative Therapy principles and the narrative therapy worldview are versatile across behavioral health/ mental health,�medical, and social work settings and can improve the efficacy of your practice. This workshop will present a summary of the Narrative Worldview as well as some of the primary principles of Narrative Therapy. The workshop is intended for professionals with a wide range of experiences using narrative ideas, from those with a newfound curiosity to this modality as well as those with previous training in Narrative Therapy.



(1) Have a good understanding of the Narrative World View

(2) Be able to identify several key principles of Narrative Therapy

(3) Be able to incorporate at least one Narrative Therapy technique immediately into your practice


Transforming Powerlessness into Power: Emancipatory Practices for Healing Trauma

Friday, December 4, 2020, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

Vanessa Jackson, LICSW (Live Online from Georgia)

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Workshop Description:

Power informs our lives at all levels-from how we view ourselves to how we experience the complex world of relationships around us. Unfortunately, after decades of "empowerment" programs to address the challenges facing marginalized communities, many service providers and users have very little language or understanding of how power operates and impacts our lives. 


This training will provide participants with an understanding of the aspects of power- power over, power with and power from within- and explore how power impacts our functioning, our relationships and our capacity to maintain a state of emotional well-being. We will explore the importance of "power literacy" especially when working with marginalized communities and their allies. 


Participants will explore how failure to explicitly discuss power in clinical settings can result in re-wounding/re-traumatizing of marginalized populations and how to co-create more emancipatory interventions to support and sustain healing.

Workshop Objectives:


1. Participants will demonstrate knowledge of Power Wounding as a traumatic experience and how it manifests in clinical and community settings. 


2. Participants will demonstrate knowledge of the three aspects of power and how to create culturally conscious and emancipatory interventions and supports in the service of healing.


3. Participants will develop a written Professional Power Ethics Statement to guide their work in power-based therapy.

Using Narrative and Guided Imagery to bring Creativity and Playfulness to Therapy

Friday, February 5, 2021, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

Heather Klein, Ph.D., LP (Live Online from Minnesota)

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Early Registration rate of $99 (ends Jan 15), Regular Registration, $119

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3.5 CEUs, See registration page for details

Workshop Description: 

Our experiences are made up of the stories we tell ourselves. These narratives mold and shape our everyday experiences both consciously and subconsciously. This hands-on training affords participants an opportunity to creatively and playfully explore the interplay of these stories through the tenets of narrative therapy and guided imagery. Participants will experience a true 

"work"shop. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and practice interviewing dialogues as well as ways to co-author guided imagery experiences.




1.  Participants will learn tenets of narrative therapy and how they interplay effectively with guided imagery. Specifically, the tenets of dominant/problem narratives, alternative/preferred narratives, grand narratives, externalization, loitering, thickening, and utilizing client expertise will be explored.

2.  Participants will learn and practice how to conduct a pre-guided imagery interviews with clients. Clients' sensory information, preferences (e.g., learning styles, imagery, metaphors, etc.), views of their problems, as well as their intentions, values, hopes, and dreams will be incorporated into the interview process.

3.  Participants will engage in experiential activities that will help them creatively and playfully explore metaphors that will serve to enhance the co-authored imaginal narrative. 

Using Curiosity in Narrative Clinical Work, Building Bridges to Self and Others

Friday, March 5, 2021, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

Erika Zarco, M.A., LMFT (Live Online from Minnesota)

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Early Registration rate of $99 (ends Feb 15), Regular Registration, $119

Student, Group and Foreign Currency Discounts Available

3.5 CEUs, See registration page for details

Workshop Description:

In this Workshop we will explore ways that clinicians can use curiosity in the therapeutic relationship.


Utilizing curiosity as the clinical stance can assist in facilitating the meaning making process with clients who are seeking mental health services.


We will discuss and identify techniques that foster self-determination and an place an intentional focus on the dialogical and collaborative practices in Narrative Counseling.


We will discuss and explore the potential benefits curiosity can offer the therapeutic relational process.


We will identify individually and speak some as a group about some of the values and beliefs that we are influenced by, and how we can build bridges as clinicians to support our clients in living in their values, their beliefs.


Participants who attend the workshop will be able to:


  1. Employ curiosity as a means to understand what  motivates clients and in an effort to better understand the real changes they want to create in their lives

  2. Use curiosity as a way to facilitate space for the co-creation of new narratives

  3. Use curiosity to assess for client strengths and resources

  4. Use curiosity to help us as clinicians better connect with what is important to our selves, and to be conscious and aware of the values we individually as therapists bring to the therapeutic process

  5. Explore curiosity with the intention of  fostering further self-reflection in the client, and with the intention of “thickening the alternative story”

  6. Implement Narrative and other therapeutic techniques that encourage and support  curiosity in the therapeutic relationship

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