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Overcoming Trauma and Adversity with COURRAGE

Friday, October 4, 2019, 9 AM - 1 PM Central

Ncazelo Ncube  (Live from South Africa)

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COURRAGE is a collective narrative therapy methodology which was developed by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo in 2014 to privilege the preferred stories of women who are struggling with the effects of violence, abuse and trauma. It seeks to honour the knowledge and skills that women and others show and use in the face of adversities.  The methodology seeks to support people affected by violence and abuse in order to reclaim their lives, pride and power.

During this process, women are anchored in their stories of courage as they talk about the hardships and injustices that they have experienced.  The practices that make this possible, double listening and second story development, will be introduced at the workshop.


Although COURRAGE has been developed in partnership with women for women, it is Ncazelo’s hope that it can be adapted and used broadly as a framework for receiving testimonies in relation to experiences of trauma. 


The half day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The history of the COURRAGE Methodology

  • Narrative ideas that inform the COURRAGE Methodology 

  • The Imbeleko Approach (developments of Ncazelo’s work in relation to working in culturally sensitive ways

  • 10 Steps of the COURRAGE Methodology

  • Documentation of stories of COURRAGE using photo story books



Helping Couples Enhance Their Intimate Relationship Through Intention & Meaning

Friday, December 6, 2019, 9 AM - 4:30 PM Central

Michelle Craveiro, LMFT (Live On-Site from Minnesota)

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This workshop will explore areas within the couple relationship that will help couples strengthen their intimate connection by looking at all the areas where intimacy can show up in their daily lives. Levels of communication will be discussed to assist couples which first discover how they communicate and then find the level of communication they feel is the best fit for them and their relationship. Also, this workshop will discuss commitment and what commitment means for couples. This can be an area of misunderstanding for couples. They believe that since they have made the decision to spend their lives together in relationship then they are committed. Couples often do not take the time to explore the meaning of commitment.


An area that I often find myself having conversations with couples is about intentionality. Again, an area that couples perhaps don’t understand or just do not pay attention to, so it gets missed. There are many ways that we can be intentional when it comes to our intimate relationships. We will talk about how to do this with couples.

This workshop will also touch on some problem areas that couples face and what to do to help move them out of these spaces. Clinicians may shy away from working with couples due to the belief that couples’ work is too intense. I have found that when I work from a strengths, connection & commitment place, my couples are more engaged and less hesitant to do the work that it takes for them to have the relationship they prefer to have.

You Can Choose Your Friends, But You Can’t Choose Your Family: Narrative Therapy’s Approach to Building Intentional Relationships

Friday, February 7, 2020, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

John Stillman, LICSW (Live On-Site in Minnesota)

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Early Registration rate of $129 (ends Jan 17), Regular Registration, $149

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The old adage says you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.  Family members often don’t have the option of breaking up. Yes, they can distance, become estranged, and even be declared over, but family members still hold a societal title and any disconnection has to be maintained, with more or less energy based on the position of the other person.  When family members have conflicts, there is a not an immediate impulse to say we can leave.  They feel stuck with one another unless things get very bad such as in abusive relationships where a line needs to be drawn.  Even so, that person is still out there with the title of family.  


There are clear benefits when working through conflict because some resolution can be made. Whether that means change or acceptance, or is OK with one family member or the other family member or both.  This is in direct contrast working with couples without actively shared children, where there is an option of separating and going different paths.  Once a couple shares a child, then their relationship changes because their lives are connected by the child.


This workshop will explore the complexity of family and the tradeoffs family relationships pose.  The benefits happen when the relationships work well and there is an unconditional bond.  The drawbacks occur when these relationships are conflictual and the interactions between family members are hurtful.  The workshop will discuss options on how relationships can be reconstructed so more energy can be placed on family relationships that pull people up and less energy on those the pull them down.


Narrative principles will be introduced and used throughout the workshop to demonstrate the options family members have with one another.  Narrative principles support a person’s position, their ability to make decisions, and they encourage exploration of values and the impact of cultural and societal messages.

Demonstration of Narrative Therapy in Practice

Friday, March 6, 2020, 9 AM - 12:30 PM Central

John Stillman, LICSW (Live On-Site in Minnesota)

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Early Registration rate of $129 (ends Feb 14), Regular Registration, $149

Student, Group and Foreign Currency Discounts Available

3.5 CEUs, See registration page for details

For several years, workshop participants have been requesting a workshop focused solely on a demonstration of narrative principles.  They have said that they enjoy learning the ideas and participating in exercises that help them experience it.  But it’s the demonstrations within workshops that they learn from the most and that give them an idea of what narrative can look like in practice.  


David Epston, co- founder of narrative therapy shared with me years ago the importance of creating an opportunity where experienced therapists show their skills in front of people who are learning.  This experience allows people to see the ideas unfold in real time and ask questions during the process.


In response to participant feedback and David’s suggestion, I am offering this demonstration workshop. The main focus will be on narrative interviews that I will have with participants who volunteer.   Additional interviews with audience members will follow where they can reflect on the experience.  The workshop will allow participants to see how a narrative therapy session can start, and how the principles can guide the session.  These interviews will vary in length based on what principle is being emphasized.


At the conclusion, further discussion will take place with the participants regarding how the experience of viewing these demonstrations might affect their own practice.  The emphasis will be on participants moving the material from the presenter’s style to a style that fits for them.

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